About EthicallyMAD

EthicallyMAD is a conversion based web design and digital marketing agency, based in New Zealand, that ‘Ethically Makes A Difference’. As a company that aims to be as socially and environmentally responsible as we can, we prefer to work with other businesses who share our values.

And, unlike most digital marketing agencies, we put marketing and conversions first, meaning we refuse to make many of the compromises in building and design a site that can lose sales.

In addition to the usual digital marketing techniques, we also offer usability testing and conversion rate optimisation to ensure that your website is fine tuned to give the best possible result.

A happy harmony of conversions and conservation

It’s so easy to get sucked into false promises and sleek marketing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate into good things for your business. Here at EthicallyMad, the end goal is always growing your business. Whether it’s an e-commerce store, a bricks-and-mortar shop, a service that needs people to book you or you want to engage with your people, we keep that in mind. No two businesses are the same, and no strategy should be either.

You need conversions. That starts with conversations, assessing what you want, researching how we get you there, and then making it happen. There’s a whole world of ways to do that, and while Google Ads might work for your friend, we might decide social media will be more effective for you. Or Google My Business. Or SEO. Or something else altogether.

Don’t get lost in the digital woods, where you can’t see the forest for the trees; together, we can find the way forward and focus tightly on what will get your business the results you want. And that’s why our customers love us; we get cold, hard, measurable results.

Ethics aren’t negotiable

Here at EthicallyMad, we believe that your work should reflect your values, and so we have structured a business that does just that.

The Ethical in EthicallyMAD represents the way in which we aim to conduct ourselves personally and professionally. The MAD stands for ‘Making A Difference’ (although perhaps also reflects our personalities a little too much).

We started with the fundamental premise that we would only do business with other businesses we believe in and feel comfortable using ourselves. More than once, we have turned work away as it conflicts with our values. We never force our team to work on a project that would be at odds with their values. This means that you get engaged, passionate people who genuinely want you to succeed.

We pay all our staff above the living wage, and have introduced an alternating four day work week where they get every other Friday off. There is no time watching, and all team members are included in any decision-making processes. We also have the option to work towards owning shares in the company, along with various bonus options. In short, we treat everyone as responsible adults who are equals and are part of a collective team.

Conversations about conservation

Within the office, we try to use recycled materials wherever possible, use VOC and toxin-free paint, use eco-store cleaning products, use digital contracts and invoicing, and have invested in a jungle’s worth of plants to help create a better working environment.

We also want EthicallyMad to be a force for positive change. Every business has some negative impact on the planet through energy usage, and the extraction and processing of raw materials used to make the equipment a business needs to operate. To help offset these, we decided to do the following:

1) Offset all carbon emissions from both the office, and from all the servers and email we use by 360%. (Being carbon neutral was not enough for us, we believe we need to be reversing carbon levels, not just slowing or balancing them.) These carbon offsets are through NZ based tree planting programs (so we can be confident that credits are genuine and are supporting NZ – not just finding the cheapest global credits to greenwash or meet minimum criteria.) Carbon offsetting is done thanks to ekos.co.nz.

2) Plant one tree in Africa for each month a client uses one of our services (monthly hosting, SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business, etc.). These are fruit trees that are estimated to offset approximately 320kg of CO2 and provide food and income to rural farmers. African tree planting is carried out through Trees.org.

3) Protect 1000m2 of rainforest for each month a client uses one of our services. We understand the need to protect the fragile eco-system we all depend on, and so we wanted to do more than just help with reforestation and carbon offsetting, which is why we decided to support rainforesttrust.org.

Some people think that these steps might make our services too expensive, but the truth is that each step we take costs very little. Any business could do something similar without dramatically affecting their margins. And that is our final goal, not only to make a difference to the business we work with by helping them grow, but to demonstrate what is possible.

Our Team

Leon Jay

Leon Jay

Creative Marketing Sage

Leon is the kind of guy you want on your business team. He’s all about developing an effective marketing strategy that suits your organisation and converts tyre-kickers into buyers. Whether it’s a physical product design, social media, automated business systems or your website, Leon can cut through the noise and get to what really needs to happen to make your business thrive.

While his education started in the UK studying electronic engineering, like many highly successful people, his path has not been straightforward. His experience has covered a range of industries, roles and countries, all adding up to an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge.

He has been the:

  • Director of Marketing for an international personal development company
  • Affiliate Manager for an Australian-based personal development company
  • Co-founder and Marketing Manager for a software startup that generated $2m in sales within the first ten days following its launch
  • Founder and Designer at FusionHQ, a SaaS marketing software company
  • Co-Founder of Coffee Monster, a co-work space in Chiang Mai
  • International guest speaker about internet marketing and online business in multiple events around the world
  • Guest on many podcasts
  • Frontpage pin-up boy on the Internet Marketing Magazine, a coveted spot that you can only inhabit if you have generated over seven figures online
  • Author of six business and marketing books
  • Found of the reusable ZenBags, made from recycled plastic bottles (and, every bag you buy means another tree is planted).
  • Business mentor for Nelson Tasman Business Trust
  • On the founding board of SINT (Social Impact Nelson Tasman)

And all of this adds up to where he is now: Founder and CEO of EthicallyMad, expert digital marker, thought leader and international man of mystery.

When he’s not hard at work, Leon has a variety of interests. With an enthusiasm for natural health, he also studied naturopathy and is a meditation teacher. He partakes in the best Nelson has to offer outdoors too—paddle surfing and walking are what helps keep him happy.

Jeremy Stead

Jeremy Stead

Account Master Alchemist

Jeremy is the guy who makes things happen. He’s the traffic controller of EthicallyMad, making sure everything gets done. He grew up in Auckland, but don’t hold it against him. He claims his formative years were in the wop-wops, so the transition to Nelson wasn’t as traumatic as you might expect.

His career is pretty diverse, and centres around water. After completing a Bachelor in Biodiversity Management, he ran a swimming pool servicing company which was full-on. Still, it gave him the skills needed to juggle multiple tasks and keep all the customers happy. 

From there, he managed multiple wastewater treatment plants in Auckland, and also did the marketing and sales for NZ’s best passive treatment system. This journey led Jeremy to where he is today.

His absolute favourite thing is meeting a client who has an idea what they want, but needs help taking it from their head, and turning it from napkin scribbles into a functional, effective, and fantastic looking website. 

It’s a challenge he loves, understanding what a customer wants and then making it happen. He also enjoys the immediacy of Google Ads, and getting results fast.

When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him out and about, usually something to do with water (unsurprisingly). He loves surfing, snowboarding, and sailing – but especially sailing. Using the wind to travel gives an amazing feeling, unlike any other. 

Jeremy has also travelled a bit, from the cobblestones of Europe and streets of America, to the forests, flora and fauna of the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. And while COVID slowed down the international travel, it sent him out to explore his own backyard a bit more, tackling NZ’s iconic tramping tracks with his partner.

Estela R Gonzalo

Badass SEO Queen

You only need to spend five minutes with Stella to understand the two big passions in her life: Travel and digital marketing.

While her career started with a telecommunications engineering degree, it didn’t continue that way. After five years in the industry, she felt like something was missing in her career. So, with a lot of experimenting with different jobs (which included a social work degree) and different countries (Denmark, the UK, Nepal, South America), she realised she’d fallen in love with New Zealand, and also digital marketing. She got her digital marketing degree in Auckland, and then the rest is history.

You’ll find Stella to be a wealth of information about web design, SEO, Google My Business and sales conversions. Once you get her talking about it, her eyes light up. She loves to watch her customer’s rankings climb in the Google results, and her favourite thing is when customers call and tell her that they got five new clients that week because of her work. It’s the thrill of the win for her; growing your business is why she gets out of bed in the morning.

She loves working for Ethically Mad because of her clients. The strong ethics and values of EthicallyMad attract just the type of people she enjoys working with.

Outside of work, Stella’s other big passion in life is food; she’s travelled worldwide, eating everything plant-based in sight. And as if her life wasn’t multi-cultured enough, she’s an active member of Nelson’s African drumming community.

Leonardo Rosado

Leonardo Rosado

Project Grand Wizard

Leo is the all-rounder on the team; from project management through to website design, Facebook ads, SEO, Google Ads, email marketing and long-term digital marketing strategy, he has a holistic understanding of all things online. His role is to find the perfect, unique pathway to marketing success for each client, and then make it happen.

His career reflects his skills, coming from a marketing agency, TV media company, and also marketing for a range of businesses. This makes him uniquely placed to understand the dynamics between company and agency, and has equipped him with different strategies that get the best results.

This intersection of client and agency is really where Leo shines; he loves the variety of clients that EthicallyMad has. Each client has their own objectives, motivations, and communication style. Leo loves to work with them to put it all together, and then watch their business thrive and get results.

Leo is originally from Natal, Brazil. He has a Bachelor in Advertising and Publicity, a Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, and an MBA in Marketing. 

When he’s not at work, you might find him wandering along one of Nelson’s gorgeous beaches or watching movies.

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