About EthicallyMAD

About EthicallyMAD

Leon Jay

History: After many years or teaching digital marketing and internet business strategies EthicallyMAD founder, Leon Jay, became increasingly aware that his time was being spent helping people to become wealthy, but that wealth came with unintended consequences.  (To learn more about Leon, click here, or connect with him on LinkedIn

Like most businesses, all of the businesses that benefited from his books, seminars, software and consulting, were accidently damaging the environment (either directly or indirectly), and many had negative social consequences. Unfortunately, few provided any real value or service to the world.

While writing How To Become A Superhero: Build A Better Business And Help Save The World, Leon became clearer on his own personal mission. He wanted to not only inspire business owners to become more socially and environmentally sustainable, but to help those that were, to be more successful (and therefore have greater impact).

Why Is Our Team MAD(ly Different): The idea behind EthicallyMAD was not just to build a marketing company for social good, but to develop a better type of business too. By designing the company to run more like a cooperative, everyone who works on clients project will benefit. Each team member owns a percentage of the projects that they work on, and can work towards owning a percentage of EthicallyMAD.

Team members can live anywhere in the world, work the hours they want, and focus on the marketing strategies that they are most passionate about and most skilled at. All team members must be primarily motivated to Making A Difference.

In this way, every single person who works on your project is invested financially and emotionally in its success. We only succeed in our mission when you succeed in yours.

By providing consulting and marketing to businesses that aim to help make the world a better place, we assist those making a difference to make more of a difference.

(If you are interested to join our MAD team, click here to learn more.)

We Made Ourselves Even More Different: Unlike most marketing consultants and agencies, EthicallyMAD:

  • Has no fancy/expensive offices.
  • Has no overly paid managers, executives, or board members.
  • Does not pay for any frivolous corporate expenses.
  • Uses zero paper for accounting or other admin related tasks.
  • Has zero cost or commute time for team members to get to work.

This means that our environmental impact it kept to a minimum, and your money is not wasted – a double win. Fees are used only for working with top talent that deliver you exceptional value for your dollar.

Creating A Win Win Way Of Doing Business: While we do offer a traditional range of consulting, email marketing, and mentoring packages, we also understand that not every business busy making a difference has the budget to invest (even if they know they need to). That is why we introduced our partnership program.

This allows us to effectively invest into your business by creating a win-win scenario. We only get paid when you do, and we are motivated even more to ensure you succeed. Most marketing agencies have little vested interest in going the extra mile, as it usually just means they are doing unpaid overtime, or incurring additional costs. We may be MAD, but we like to think it is for good reason!

For more information on how EthicallyMAD can assist, consult for, or mentor your business, visit the consulting page. If you are interested in having us as a partner for your business, then you can learn more on the partnership page.