Adwords Setup & Management

Adwords Setup & Management 

For many businesses, Adwords offers one of the best sources of leads. But to make Adwords profitable, your Adwords account needs to be setup and managed well. 

Please read these seven important questions to ask any ad management agency before working with them…

1) Whose Adwords account is my campaign being setup on?

Many companies will setup your Adwords on their own Adwords account. They do this so that you must keep paying them monthly fees (even if they don’t do anything). 

This can often mean low or no setup cost (though not always), but you are locked in with no escape regardless of how poorly your ads may perform. 

Always ensure whoever you work with sets up and manages your ads from your own Adwords account.

2) Do you track results and provide monthly reports?

It is common for Adwords services to not track conversions properly and often they will not provide reports to tell you how well your ads are performing. This is because often they are not and they don’t want you to know.

Many of our competitors (including many of the big agencies) will do little to no work once the account and a monthly budget have been set up. If you are not asking questions, why would they?

The great thing about Adwords is that you can track everything and you can see exactly which keywords and ads are performing and which are not. But this takes monthly maintenance and should always be delivered in a monthly report so you can see where your money is going (and hopefully how much your ads are making you).

3) Do you have trained copywriters to write my ads?

Copywriting is the art of writing a good sales page or advertisement. This skill is especially important in writing a good display ad. 

Good copywriting will get more people to click on your ads, which means you get more visitors to your site. Plus, you pay less for your ads (thanks to the way Google rewards you by charging you less for ads that get high click through rates).

Sadly, trained copywriters are surprisingly rare, even in advertising departments. Most of the staff who write the ads at many newspapers and at The Yellow Pages, have little to no training in this field. 

Cheap agencies are cheap for a reason. Unfortunately, in the long run, they will almost always cost you more than they save you.

4) How will you bill me?

Adwords agencies tend to bill in one of two ways. The first is a fixed monthly fee on top of any actual ad spend. The other is to charge a percentage of your monthly ad spend.

Unfortunately, neither billing model is that great.

If you pay a fixed monthly fee then there is little incentive for them to keep improving your ads or to do anything at all really. (If you are not worried about conversions or ROI, it is possible to set and forget ads very easily.)

If they charge a percentage of your ad spend, then it’s even worse. In this scenario they are financially motivated to get your spend as high as possible, even if the keywords you are paying for are losing you money.

Speak to your agency of choice to see how they plan to manage this conflict of interest.

5) Will you do an Adwords compatibility audit on my website?

Adwords has some pretty strict guidelines, and if you don’t meet them you could find your account is penalized, or worse suspended. 

While many of these guidelines relate directly to the ads themselves, others target your website. How your website is structured, what pages it has (or does not have), the content on those pages, along with a variety of other variables can all affect how well your ads will perform and how much Google will charge you for clicks.

Without a site audit you really should not be doing Adwords. Unfortunately many agencies don’t care how well your ads perform, so long as they get the contract.

6) Is the person managing my Adwords account Adwords Certified?

Google offers an Adwords certification program to ensure a minimum level of competency. Many agencies simply use any available member of staff to manage your Adwords account. 

While the certification is certainly no guarantee that someone will do a good job, it should be a bare minimum requirement to get started.

7) How much do I need to spend each month?

This is actually a trick question. You see, many agencies will start by asking you what your Adwords budget is. But this is really not a good question.

Think about it… If your ads are producing a positive ROI (that is making you more than you are spending), why would you limit them? Especially as Google bills you at the end of the month!

The only budget you need is one you are prepared to lose. And, honestly, you do need to be prepared to lose some. This is normal when setting up and testing new campaigns. 

But once an Ad is running and you are tracking it correctly, if it is producing a good ROI then there should only be a limit if you can’t manage the extra business that Ad is bringing in.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing someone to setup and manage your Adwords account. And, if you choose to work with us, we challenge you to ask us all of the above. It is important to get it right, because if you don’t your ads will cost you more than they make you.

Because every business is different, please contact us for a custom quote. (There are so many variables that creating packages is just not possible. Companies that do, cannot possibly answer all of the above questions satisfactorily.

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