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How Much Should A Website Cost?

What you need to know before getting a website built or upgraded to avoid getting ripped off, or losing a lot more from false economy. With any significant purchase, it is important to research how much you should expect to pay before making a buying decision. Many businesses pay far too much for their

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Social Impact Metrics

How To Increase Your Social Impact (And Your Profits) Without Spending A Cent More On Marketing or Advertising All businesses do more than just make money. Unfortunately many forget this fact, and they become lost by only measuring revenue. Revenue is, of course, not just important – it is critical for the very survival

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Elon Musk: Energy And Transport For The Future

Elon Musk discusses the future of energy and transportation amongst other important issues. He explains some of the pressing issues, facing society, what problems entrepreneurs should be tackling now and what both Tesla and SpaceX are doing to help.

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guerilla marketing to heal the world

Guerilla Marketing To Heal The World

In this interview Shel Horowitz talks about his new book, Guerilla Marketing To Heal The World, and how businesses can become more profitable by becoming more socially minded. Shel Horowitz is a copywriter, marketer, an award winning author, speaker and a social business consultant. He is also founder of Green And Profitable, Business For

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Rise Up The Movie

Interview With Kate Maloney On ‘Rise Up’ The Movie

Rise Up is a new documentary that features many thought leaders and challenges us to live at a higher level. In this interview I speak to its producer, Kate Maloney, about the purpose for the film, and how it came about. Great inspirational content and a better understanding of what you need to do

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Barry Schwartz

Changing The Way We Think About Work

In this TED presentation Barry Schwartz, author of Why We Work, explains why we are approaching work with a false logic that leaves business owners and employees dissatisfied with their lives. He shows us a new path that could radically change the type of business entrepreneurs build; and the way business owners manage and

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