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Learning To Define Value Based Goals

Almost every business guru will teach you to define your goals. Far fewer talk about your values. Yet we can enjoy a greater feeling of achievement when our goals that have been set, and achieved in alignment with, our values. (Value Based Goals.) There is usually more than one route to achieving your goals.

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aldous huxley

The Sea IS Rising (so should we give up?)

A few sceptics continue to argue whether the sea is rising, or if climate change is real. However, most scientists are simply focused on calculating not if, but by how much. Recently I have been swamped (excuse the pun) with evidence that there is no going back. CO2 levels have now reached the 400

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Passion Vs Profit

Creating Passion and Profit From Purpose

I have heard the passion vs profit debate since I first began to study business. For years the debate has continued to rage, and for years I could see both sides of the argument. But it was only about 18 months ago that it all became clear to me. The entire debate was way

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Teslas greatest achievement

Tesla’s Greatest Achievement (and it’s not a car)

Elon Musk just unveiled his master plan for Tesla, which if he can pull off will change the face of transport and energy production forever. In his own overview it looks like this: Create a low volume car, which would necessarily be expensiveUse that money to develop a medium volume car at a lower

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Dictatorship Vs Democracy In Business (and a new solution)

Democracy is often hailed as the solution to the perils of dictatorship, but it is far from perfect. This is true for governments, organizations, and of course, businesses. But there could be a new interesting solution to solving many of democracies inherent issues, and bring some of the benefits that a dictatorship offers. Before

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Vagbonds Mastermind

Power Of The (Right) Mastermind

Mastermind is a term first coined by Napoleon Hill, and has become increasingly popular amongst entrepreneurs and executives. But what are they? Why are they so popular? What makes a good mastermind? And how can they make a difference to the socialpreneur? First of all, let’s clarify what a mastermind is… A mastermind can

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Patagonia rubber wetsuit

Patagonia Makes Surfing Greener (again)

Surfing is one of those sports that makes you feel more connected to nature than almost any other. Despite it being fairly minimalistic, sadly the tools of the trade are far from eco-friendly. However, Patagonia have just come up with a solution to make the negative environmental impact from surfing just that little bit

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