Ethical Marketing: 27 Easy Ways To Exponentially Grow Your Profit & Social Impact

Ethical Marketing Book

I am excited to announce the official release of our new book, Ethical Marketing—a digital marketing guide for socially responsible businesses and non-profits.

This book was written to help business owners and project leaders understand how to communicate their message in ways that get heard, and get people to care about. It covers an array of strategies in simple language, so you don’t need a marketing degree to understand them.

These strategies are broken down into three core sections; how to get more quality leads (and improve the quality of the leads you are already getting), how to improve the conversions from your website (i.e. get more calls, bookings, and more sales from your site visitors), and how to further increase conversions with proper followup. There is also a bonus section with additional ideas for helping increase revenue within your business.

A few of the things you will learn include:

  • How to tap into the holy grail of qualified leads—Google. Google is by far the best source of buyers thanks to its users intent (they are looking for what you have). Google traffic comes in three primary flavours; Google Search, Google Ads, and Google My Business. We cover exactly what you need to know about each (and bust a couple of common myths along the way).
  • How to improve your messaging to not only get more leads, but also enhance your mission as a business or organisation. Done right, you will not only get more prospects, but convert more enquiries into customers.
  • How to use common offline techniques online to get even better results (and at a lower cost, with less effort).
  • How to reduce resistance for those who are uncertain or sitting on the fence, which increases both trust and sales.
  • How to improve the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts by fixing common website design mistakes that are currently losing you business, and preventing your message from being heard.
  • How to make simple changes to increase your margins, allowing you to become more profitable or more competitive in your niche.
  • How to track what impact your marketing and advertising efforts are having, so you know where to focus (and where to pull the pin to stop wasting money).

Ethical Marketing covers many more tips and tricks to help you grow your business, as well as a few ideas on how to become more socially responsible in ways that enhance your marketing results.

It is available now on Amazon in both physical and Kindle formats. Click here to order your copy today, and discover just how much more you can grow your business.

EthicallyMAD | Web Designing | Nelson | Ethical Marketing | 27 Easy Ways To Exponentially Grow Your Profit & Social Impact
EthicallyMAD | Web Designing | Nelson | Ethical Marketing | 27 Easy Ways To Exponentially Grow Your Profit & Social Impact

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