A First Business For Your Kids To Help Save The World?


We know we must reduce waste. And there is one thing that almost everyone can do, (if you have not already), to help…

Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your mail box.

More and more people are doing this, but many just never get around to it. And here lies a simple opportunity to make a few bucks (at least until the neighbourhood is saturated).

You see, most people hate junk mail, or tolerate it at best. If some kid (or adult) had come around to me selling a No Junk Mail sticker for $1 – $3, it would have been a no brainer.

No Junk Mail Business The benefits to this are sizeable. In the US alone junk mail totals around 5.6 million tons of waste every year. That’s about 100 million trees! And 44% of it is never even opened.

But the real benefit is unseen. This is the amount of unneeded stuff that will never get purchased. I am sure we have all been guilty of buying something we never really wanted, thanks to some crafty advertising delivered in the form of junk mail. Get rid of the junk mail and people will buy less. It’s a double win.

Another unseen benefit is the time saving. Over the course of a lifetime, the average American will spend 8 months of their life opening junk mail. Life is short enough already, without such mindless wastage!

Here is the money maker…

Go to Alibaba and buy custom designed (I looked and could find none already designed) water proof stickers. You can get foil stickers or plastic stickers, and both work out at between $0.01 and $1 each, depending on how many you buy. Buy enough and there is a nice profit margin in there, even selling them at $1-$2 each.

Going door to door, and making $1-$1.50 per sale your kids could make a few hundred bucks out of the local neighbourhood quite easily. Plus they would be help contribute to society as real little socialpreneurs. They could even offer to put the sticker on the mailbox to ensure their hard work produces results.

As an upsell a second sticker could be offered with ‘No Free Papers’ on it. Personally, I am sick of the wasted paper from free newspapers that slide past the ‘No Junk Mail’ definition.

The really cool thing… They can already see if someone has one, so no wasted time trying to sell something to someone who already has what is on offer.

If you feel like being a good samaritan, you could also consider investing in a few stickers, and donating them to the neighbours. Perhaps ironically in the form on ‘Junk Mail’? 😉

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