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Giggle Ads

It is no secret; we love digital marketing ­čÖé

It is hardly surprising. The cost of traditional offline methods has gone through the roof, and their effectiveness through the floor. It’s not that some businesses can’t make newspaper, radio or TV ads work, but it is increasing difficult. Plus, there are just so many better places for businesses to put their marketing dollars.

However, there are still a few offline advertising channels that remain affordable and deliver results, in particular Out Of Home (OOH) media, which has been growing year after year. Out of all the forms of OOH advertising, there is one in particular that has caught our eye – Giggle Entertainment┬á, a network of public screens across different regions throughout New Zealand.

Giggle screens are located in petrol stations, waiting rooms, cafes, gyms and other areas that people need to wait or queue. The content is informative, humorous, and engaging. As viewers have nowhere to go and little to do, they quickly become drawn into the content – making it the perfect place to advertise!

There are several reasons we really like Giggle. Here are just a few:

1) Ad format. Ads are mostly video, with a typical length being 10 or 15 seconds. This gives plenty of opportunities to get creative and use visuals to your advantage.

2) Giggle make the ads for you – free. Yup, you need no skills, no videographers, and no big upfront budget. (Of course, if you have these, then great, you just don’t need it.)

3) Localised targeting. You pay by region, meaning no unnecessary costs showing ads to areas you don’t even service.

4) A captive audience. Most ads are competing for attention. With Giggle, there is usually little else to do while waiting. This means people watch your ad (and there is no way to skip or block it!).

5) Positive association. There is a lot to be said for the state of mind someone is in when they see your ads. Because the content either side of it is fun and entertaining, people are more likely to be in a positive and receptive mood when they see your ads.

6) Reach and repetition. Ads are shown a minimum of twice every hour throughout the day, and are seen by approximately 55,000 people each month on over 70 screens across the Nelson/Tasman region alone. (Numbers vary region to region.)

7) It’s VERY affordable. It is far cheaper than most other forms of video advertising, and even less expensive than the vast majority of newspaper and radio ads. This makes it an ideal choice for almost any business, even those with a minimal budget.

If you are interested in using Giggle Entertainment or other forms of OOH media, then you will want to consider how it ties in with your other marketing efforts. For suggestions on ways to do this, or for more information give Mark Stuart a call on 021 742 774, or visit

Mark not only manages the Giggle Network for the Nelson/Tasman region, but has also worked with companies such as Kathmandu, Fisher & Paykel and Jockey – so he is well worth having a chat with.

And don’t forget … if you are planning on advertising through Giggle, and want to ensure your website is going to deliver results from the traffic it generates, then be sure to give us a call.

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