How Much Will A New Website Or Marketing Benefit My Business?

Marketing cost

Many business owners looking to build or rebuild a website, or do any form of digital marketing, want to know if they are making a good investment, or wasting money. And quite right … it’s just not an easy question to answer. 

Marketing is a mysterious blend of art, science and psychology, with many variables that affect it’s results (and so cost-return ratio). 

Many businesses don’t fully appreciate the potential of adjusting many of these variables, or which variables will have the most significant impact. To help address some of these questions, we created the marketing ROI calculator.

The calculator allows you to estimate how much you can expect to improve your bottom line when you change your marketing costs, ad spend and website conversion rates.

It is quite simple, and misses some of the more complex variables, but is a great place to start – especially when you are looking to invest into a new site or marketing, and you can guesstimate what your return may be.

To calculate your return on a new website or marketing budget, click here.

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