Racing Extinction Documentary – An Important Message…


I just finished watching the ‘Racing Extinction’ documentary – again.

I have to say, it is rare for me to watch anything twice, and almost never just a few weeks apart. But this is just one of those documentaries you want everyone in the world to see, and ideally more than once.

It is beautiful in its cinematography, powerful in its warning and inspirational in its message for change.

A few key points that the documentary makes…

The natural rate of extinction is 1 species in a million each year. We have already accelerated that over 1000 fold.
The oceans are absorbing over 1/3 of the CO2 we produce, becoming a weak carbonic acid. This is killing our oceans, including plankton.

Plankton produces around 50% of the oxygen we breathe. Killing the plankton will eventually kill life on earth.
There have been 5 mass extinctions on planet earth, we are now creating the sixth. The last one killed the dinosaurs, this one is killing many species, and if we don’t stop it, eventually us.

Increasing CO2 is leading to global warming, but so is methane. As the ice melts trapped methane is being released, speeding up the problem.

The meat and dairy industry contribute more to global warming than the entire transport system. (For more information on this checkout the infographic from the Cowspiracy documentary.)

There is hope in changing unsustainable business practices. For example, whale shark and manta ray hunters became eco-tourist guides.

We can all find our ‘one thing’ and focus on that. By doing so, together we can turn things around.

Manta ray from racing extinction documentary They also quoted ‘it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’. If we lose hope we become apathetic. It is important to understand the urgency and take action now. If we don’t, it will be too late.

Of all the mass extinctions the Permian-Triassic was the largest. It is believed that over 90% of life on earth was wiped out. Until now it was not clear what caused it. However new evidence has shown that it was caused by high atmospheric methane levels and acidification of the oceans. Sadly this is exactly what we are doing to the planet right now.

The only way this will stop is if businesses become more aware, and run in a sustainable way. As consumers, we must also make the choice to support those businesses that are not willing to compromise the planet for profit.

Take the time to watch Racing Extinction. It is visually powerful, and despite its subject matter, leaves the viewer with a feeling that we can do something.

Please share this post so that more people watch this very important documentary. In doing so you may just help stimulate the next person to take positive action.

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