The Sea IS Rising (so should we give up?)

aldous huxley

A few sceptics continue to argue whether the sea is rising, or if climate change is real. However, most scientists are simply focused on calculating not if, but by how much.

Recently I have been swamped (excuse the pun) with evidence that there is no going back. CO2 levels have now reached the 400 ppm level, a level not seen on earth since the Pliocene era around 3.6 million years ago.

Is this bad?

Well, during the Pliocene era there was no ice in the arctic. Crocodiles would swim there!

The rise and fall of temperature in direct correlation of CO2 levels are well documented. And we are seeing it being repeated again.

Not convinced?

Check out the VICE on HBO episode below:
The danger with all this information is the feeling of hopelessness. If the seas are rising, and there is nothing we can do to stop them, then why bother?

Some have suggested we should stop working on preventing global warming, and start focusing on preparing for the inevitable. This is almost akin to saying someone on a diet who just put on a few pounds may as well give up and just pile on as much as they can, while planning on how to deal with the increased health issues it will cause.

Yes, I know, in the above analogy the dieting person can reverse those few extra pounds, but the attitude is somewhat similar.

For the socialpreneur, and for the rest of humanity, I do think we will need to plan for a rise in sea levels, and stop sticking our head in the sand over this issue. However, now more than ever we need to take preventative action. A few meters of sea rise is nothing, compared to a climate of raging storms and unbearable heat that may well be our reality if we continue to let things escalate.

Facts Do Not Cease To Exist Because They Are Ignored (including the fact the sea is rising)Another point to make is that sustainability is far more than just climate change. Even if climate change is just a pile of hot air, there are many other extremely important issues that the sustainability movement aims to resolve.

These include human rights issues, the extinction of thousands of species, increasing pollution in our water, air, food and environment, finding alternatives to nonrenewable resources, etc.

The science is fairly clear. Be it caused by man, or by nature, the sea is rising and we do need to find solutions to deal with this. But this is only one of the many reasons to build sustainable businesses.

We should not be blinded by the media’s fascination in creating a single enemy to point the finger at. Nor succumbing to the false logic from climate change sceptics that say ‘climate change is not man-made, so we can continue as we were’.

It is human nature to try and avoid the truth we don’t wish to hear, or to place the blame on others. Sadly we do not have the time to do either. We must all take responsibility, and start doing our part to fix what we have all taken part in breaking. No matter if, or why, the sea is rising.

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