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How To Become A Superhero: Build A Better Business And Help Save The World

We are in the midst of a brutal planetary civil war that threatens our very existence. The world needs superheroes. The world needs you…

There is an ugly truth we are all trying to hide from. The truth that with the creation or consumption of just about every product or service, we are slowly killing ourselves, our fellow human beings, and many of the other species that share this planet with us.

But there is hope. A growing wave of entrepreneurs and business owners are taking responsibility, and working to build better businesses that help address the many challenges we face. These individuals are helping save the world. They are today’s Real-Life Superheros.

This book is an invitation to join them, and a guide to show you how.

“A rare and welcome book that looks holistically and specifically — and with humor, grace, and clarity — at how business can profitably help heal a weary planet.

Shel Horowitz, Co-Author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

“I love the clear and actionable items. Business leaders don’t have time to waste. No fluff here. An inspiring and practical road map to the future.

Kyle Barraclough, Founder of Libertad Apparel

“This is the stuff they should be teaching in business schools. If every business followed these guidelines, we would be living in a much better world for sure.

Oliver Milliner, Kathmandu Sustainability Coordinator

“In a crazy and unstable world Leon offers a ray of clarity. This is not about left or right wing thinking, not about one religion or another, nor scientific bickering. It goes beyond all this to provide a simple message that anyone can understand.

JV Crum III, Author of Conscious Millionaire

“Unapologetically sobering from the start. This provides the slap in the face we need to wake us from our desensitised state of apathy.

Marc Angelo Coppola, Co-Founder of the Valhalla Movement Foundation

“If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to run a business that puts people and positive impact on the world before the bottom line – you’re in luck: Leon Jay outlines a better way to do business in his new book “How to Become a Superhero.” Pick it up, read it, and implement it – you won’t be sorry.

Tom Morkes, CEO, Insurgent Publishing

Create Automate Accelerate

Create, Automate, Accelerate: A Radical New Blueprint To Building A Business (And Life) That’s Exciting, Has Purpose And Gives You The Freedom You Want

‘Create, Automate, Accelerate’ takes a controversial look at what it takes to build a business. It explores a framework called the 5 P’s of Priority. Purpose, Passion, People, Place and Profit. It looks at the need to ask the right questions to get these priorities answered, and the importance of doing so in the right order.

Find clarity, meaning, enjoyment and success in everything you do, starting with your business. As an entrepreneur your business defines very much who you are, so it important to make the right choices.

In the first phase of the book you will find the deeper meaning for your life through your business. It helps you to do so by combining philosophy, simple models and frameworks, as well as real life examples.

The second phase of the book shares methods to automate your business. This is essential if you want your business to provide any type of passive income, be sustainable, reduce risk should anything should happen to you, and increase the potential for an exit strategy, as well as increasing your business’s valuation.

The final phase looks at ways to accelerate your business. From simple, easy to implement ways of increasing personal and team productivity, to identifying the areas of biggest leverage and fastest financial growth within your business.

In short it explores and explains the phases of starting, automating and then accelerating your business growth in a very practical manner. Rather than giving a ‘one solution fits all’ approach, it encourages you to ask questions at each step of the journey to identify which strategies will be most effective for you.

This book is really one of a kind, and has been described as ‘THE handbook for entrepreneurs’.

“A succinct, humorous and thorough guide to business and personal success through value based decisions demonstrating what science is now confirming is the most reliable way to accelerate your productivity and profits in the modern world.

Dr Dave Jenkins,

“Create, Automate, Accelerate cuts through the fluff of most other business books. Jay’s book will challenge you and force you to define your endgame in business. It’s Thiel’s “Zero To One” meets Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow.” This one just might save you a decade in your career. Highly recommended.

Zach Grove,

“The entrepreneur’s path is never a straight line. In this great book, Leon Jay, navigates the twists and turns to teach you how live a more epic life — and story!

Michael Margolis,

“Part philosophy, part life story, this entirely insightful online business book is written in Leon’s no-nonsense, straight forward style. A distillation of more than a decade of experience leads to some wise words and proven ways of working that will offer something valuable to readers of all levels from those just beginning to explore business to gnarly old veterans of the online business world. Highly enjoyable read.

Ian Daniels,

“This book is designed to make you think. And then think again. There are dozens of short but probing questions and a myriad of strategies divined from the authors fascination with what makes a business tick. Reading Create Automate Accelerate will clear the fog and give a new perspective on how and why you are in business – leading to a better result and happier life with less effort and less stress.

Peter Miller,

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Do Less Work, Make More Money: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money And Doing Business Online

A classic for doing business online, read by tens of thousands of business owners…

Too much has been written about making money online, and too little of it is any good. Do Less Work is more than just another book on internet marketing, or trying to make money online.

It is a step by step guide for anyone who wants to make money from home, or expand their business using the potential of the internet. This book takes you by the hand and explains what you need to do, why you need to do it, and how to go about it. There is a range of useful links which alone will save you hours of trial, error and research.

You will learn…

– How ordinary people make extraordinary money: Millions of people try to become successful every year. Most give up. Learn the one unspoken truth to success (or discover it alone the hard way).

– 5 Ways to getting an ebook written for you: Need to build authority? Want a product to sell? Need a lead generator? Don’t like writing yourself, or have no time? Then learn 5 different ways to getting the hard work done for you, some without spending a cent.

– The art of email copy, and 7 tips to getting your emails opened: Discover easy ways to write profitable emails, even if you have never written copy in your life.

– 4 Essential questions you must answer if you want to make a sale: Miss any one of these and you will be losing money.

– 5 Psychological tricks to get people to buy now: All too often people don’t buy what could have benefited them. They miss out on great opportunities every day. Don’t let them miss yours.

– 24 Advanced conversion strategies: These tips alone will be worth thousands of dollars to your business. These are the same principles used to create a 9.28% conversion rate on a $997 product.

– How to build traffic (even with zero budget): Visitors to your site means money in your bank. The more visitors, the more money. And getting people to your site is not as difficult as people often think…

– So much more: This book is jammed from beginning to end with information that you can start using today. This is a bible for online marketing.

Whether you are just starting out, or simply have been struggling too long, then look no further. Do Less Work, Make More Money is exactly what you need.

“This is a very well written road map that I’d recommend to anyone who is serious about wanting to make a lot of money online.I’ve personally met hundreds of regular people who follow similar strategies to go from newbies to making 6 to 7 figures a year, so I couldn’t recommend this book any more highly.

Mark Ling, Founder of

“Leon has created an unusually high quality information source for online marketing.

James Schramko, Digital Marketing Guru

“Never have I found such a comprehensive document that literally takes you by the hand, step by step and trains you how to finally make money…

Simon Prentice, Founder of

“Complete yet simple. A must read for anyone wanting to make their mark with online business.

Gideon Shalwick,

“This is a must-read for anyone who’s into Internet Marketing. This is more than just a book on Internet Marketing,This is a guide to building a sustainable internet business.Clearly laid out, not only that it makes great reading but it also gives you all the information you need to get you internet business activity in motion saving hours of frustration.I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get started making money on the Internet.

Yasaf Burshan, Amazon Customer Review

“As a International publisher and marketer of some of the world’s bestselling books, I have learned to spot a good book when I see one. Few books bring together the various elements of business and marketing into such a complete and user friendly format for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Darren J Stephens, Chairman of Global Publishing Group

Lessons From A Prostitute Book

21 Business and Marketing Lessons From A Prostitute: Seductive Street Secrets From The World’s Oldest Profession To Improve Your Results In Any Business

21 Business and Marketing Lessons is inspired by the streets of Pattaya, one of the world’s largest red light districts. People are either fascinated, excited, or repulsed by the thought of prostitution, especially when it comes to extreme places like Pattaya.

Once you get passed any initial judgement or emotional reaction, there is actually a lot to learn. As an international author and speaker on the topic of business, Leon was invited to speak at event held in this notorious red-light area.

Most people are shocked or amazed by this city. As a business man, and a lifetime student of business, Leon however became obsessed by one odd question… ‘How does the world’s oldest profession compete in the world’s most competitive environment?’ (Supply way outstrips demand in Pattaya.)

Throughout this book, Leon will take you on a journey that is fascinating, educational, and humorous. Never has learning the principles of business been quite so intriguing.

Pattaya may not at first sight appear like a business university. But ask the right questions, invest the time to listen, and it has a lot to teach anyone willing to learn.

This book not only gives a fresh look at business and marketing in a fun way, but also delivers practical ideas that any business can implement. Each chapter uses stories and examples to give clarity on age old business principles that many business owners ignore.

The girls from Pattaya have learned these strategies and street smarts from the need to survive. As a business, these essentials should be our first priority.

Read this book and benefit from the concise, practical information relevant to every business. Discover how to increase results, without spending a fortune. (Remember, these girls have almost nothing to invest – and you don’t need too either.)

Put judgement aside, and explore a hidden world with perhaps the most unique take on the subjects of both prostitution and business.

NB: No actual services were engaged in, nor any immoral or illegal acts where undertaken in researching this book. By reading this book you will be in no way supporting prostitution directly or indirectly. The author suspends any judgement or personal opinion to uncover the lessons to be learned. Take the time to do the same and you will be rewarded…

“This is a fantastic book. Before reading it I had just read Walking the Wild Side, an account of sex tourism in Pattaya Thailand. So I was familiar with the business practices if the bar girls there. But I had not thought about their relevance for the rest of us. This book brilliantly shows how they apply to every business.

Kindle Reader, Amazon Customer Review

“Solid business lessons delivered clearly with cultural insights and good laughs. I learned some valuable insights both about business and Thai culture. Clearly written, easy to understand and very entertaining as well.

Kevin LJ, Amazon Customer Review

“As promised, he does compare the business that prostitutes conduct (in this instance, Thai girls) and those conducting general business. It’s a rather apt comparison because independent prostitutes in every part of the world – savvy ones anyway – have an incredible understanding of business and their customers’ needs. They need to in order to survive. Likewise, businesses need to understand their customers in order to survive and thrive.This book is not for those who harbor a judgmental attitude toward prostitutes, whether it’s disapproval in general or an incorrect notion that such a business is all trafficking. If such a person reads this, they won’t learn the BUSINESS lessons that this book teaches. Which would be a waste of the readers’ time and money.On the other hand, if you’re open to new ways of learning, then this will certainly open your eyes. You’re not likely to forget either the lesson or the comparison that makes the lesson so clear.

D Kendra Francesco, Amazon Customer Review

“A Great Read, it’s Funny has a great twist on marketing and is very relevant thoroughly enjoyed it, still chuckling. I really enjoyed this book, it is not only funny but delivers great content. Its real entertaining and it’s not just the gimmicky prostitute angle the messages and information inside is top notch. Thoroughly Recommended.

Spiederman, Amazon Customer Review

Leveraging Masterminds Book

Leveraging Masterminds: Unlock Your Life’s Potential with the Missing Piece to ‘The Secret’

– Uncover the mystery behind the small groups that have shaped history (and who will be responsible for defining our future).

– Learn how to find and join, or to create your own mastermind, so that you too can leverage the power of these closed door groups.

– Unlock the blueprint to not only creating, but optimizing, running, and even profiting from your own mastermind.

Masterminds have been used by some of the most powerful and successful people in history. From Franklin D. Roosevelt to Albert Einstein, and from JRR Tolkien to Thomas Edison, masterminds have been at the cornerstone of greatness. Without masterminds we would be living in a very different world.

From science to literature and from politics to philosophy, many of the most significant breakthroughs and advancements in human achievement have been attributed to the use of masterminds.

Of course, not all masterminds are created equally. There are many different structures, methods, and standards of participation. In ‘Leveraging Masterminds’ you will learn how to find and identify high value groups, or how to structure and start your own. It also covers all the step by step actions and resources you need, along with many templates to make things even easier.

On top of this, you will discover how to build and run masterminds for profit. Yes, many people make very good money by organizing and facilitating high level masterminds. And, if you choose, you can too.

Get your copy today and master the secret strategy that the super successful have been using for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

“I’ve read at least 10, if not more, books on Mastermind Groups. This book was similar to many of them. But, there were many ideas and insights that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. The author really thought this topic through and presented it well. I recommend this book if you are thinking of starting a mastermind group. I also liked that he didn’t limit his presentation to just business mastermind groups. His ideas and advice were equally applicable to other types of groups, such as personal development, health & fitness, creative arts, etc.

Ms. Albatross, Amazon Customer Review

“Great Read on Masterminds! I have read a few books on masterminds as I prepare to start my own. This book would be the first I would read if I were to do over again. It’s short enough to read, yet complete enough to get you started. There are some inspiring stories that will encourage you to get your own group started ASAP.

Buddy Rathmell, Amazon Customer Review

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