Marketing Consulting & Mentoring

Please note… EthicallyMAD does not work with anyone. Your business must be actively working to reduce its social and environmental footprint, (or at least intend to).

Casual Skype based consulting rates are $395/hour. However below are a range of packages that are at a discounted rate. Remember, my job is to ensure I make you more than I cost you. And if I can’t see a way to do that, then you don’t pay anything.

However, if you cannot afford our services, but want to work together, then click here to see if you qualify to apply for our partnership program.  

Consulting Package 1: MAD Growth Hacking


Get a custom designed marketing and growth plan to suit your unique business. As every business is different, and there is no one set of strategies that work for all, we will craft one based on what yours offers, its size, its goals, and of course, its budget. 

  • Identify and refine your core mission and marketing message. This is your why. With clear purpose you will not only become more motivated yourself, but you will also engage staff, inspire others to work with or for you, and enhance the desire of prospects to become your customers. With the right message, all your other marketing efforts become far more effective – paid ads, affiliate marketing, press releases, content marketing, social media, etc..
  • List building plan. It has often been said “the money is in the list”, and this is certainly true of a well built list. Yet many businesses fail to capture or nurture leads, and those that do rarely do it well. With a clear plan you will know how to capture, segment, and make the most of your list. (With a good list you can better release new products and services, create cash injections, get valuable feedback, make evergreen sales on autopilot, get more referrals, test ideas, and of course, spread your message.)
  • Identify key marketing strategies. There are many ways to market your business, but you can’t (and shouldn’t) use them all. Depending on your budget, team size, business type, experience, competitors strategies, growth objectives etc, some marketing strategies will be better suited to you than others. Most marketing agencies have a “we have a hammer, so every problem is a nail” approach. We understand the pros and cons of each, but are unbiased, nor blinded by the latest fad. Many businesses should be using social media – many should not (at least, not yet). Facebook advertising may be right for you – but chances are it’s not. Get clear where to put your time and money to get the maximum results, (and avoid a lot of disappointment). 
  • Identify growth constraints and opportunities. Every business has areas that are restricting the speed of growth., and all have areas that provide opportunities for optimal growth. We will identify the systems in your business (online or offline) that, if resolved, would allow you to grow your business faster (and usually at less cost). 
  • Freedom plan. As a business owner, if you want your business to last (even if something happens to you), for it to attain maximum value, or even for you to be able to take time out for holidays, then you will need to make your baby independent of yourself. We will identify key areas of weakness, and strategies to free yourself, automate more of your business, and optimize for the future.
  • Profit plan. There are only 3 ways to increase profit in a business. Reduce costs, increase the number of sales, or increase the average value of each transaction. Many of the list building and marketing strategies identified above will help you achieve these objectives, but we will also help you identify other areas to increase your profits based on multitude of ways you can achieve these three ways. This includes identifying ways you may be able to reduce costs (without compromising quality), and increasing conversions, improving your sales processes, and identifying other revenue opportunities. 
  • Suggestions for social and environmental sustainability. We would not be EthicallyMAD if we did not share our observations for reducing your negative social and environmental impact, or identifying areas you could make a positive difference. Many of these ideas will actually reduce your costs too, or make your business more profitable in the long term. They can also help increase your ‘green credentials’, which can be used to enhance your marketing efforts (as well as making you, your team, and your customers, feel better about your business). 

Time to complete: 4 weeks 

Investment: $16,000

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Consulting Package 2: MAD Marketing Mentor


If you are looking for a bit more guidance then consider having Leon personally mentor and coach you. 

Leon has served as Director of Marketing for an international online personal development company, setup and established an affiliate program for another similar business, conducted multiple six and seven figure product launches, built an online automated marketing platform (including designing the first ever drag and drop sales and email marketing funnel systems), spoken on business stages around the world, ran his own marketing seminars, authored five books on business, and helped many business owners increase their profits.

Now you can benefit from his no BS style, and have his years of knowledge and experience turned to your business. Leon will focus on your business twice a month for at least 3-4 hours.

During this time he will review your business, progress made, and what should be done next. At least 1-2 hours of this time will be used for a Skype meeting with you or your team. In addition to this, you will get access to Leon between sessions via phone or email should you need any emergency advice.  

  • Advisor. With so many marketing options out there it can be difficult to know which to choose, and when operating a business it is easy to lose sight of the trees for the forest. Having someone that can help give you unbiased, experienced advice can prove invaluable. A single piece of good advice can easily pay for itself many times over (either in avoiding a costly mistake, or making a better decision that generates more revenue.)
  • Brainstorming buddy. Even the greatest minds on the planet benefit from speaking to other great thinkers. Flaws in thinking are identified and many mistakes are avoided because of it. Ideas grow far beyond what any single individual alone can conceive (even Einstein’s concepts developed thanks to conversations with other people). 
  • Review. Whether a marketing plan, a new sales funnel, a product idea, a mission statement, or a piece of copy, having a second set of eyes check through for weaknesses or areas of improvement can make all the difference. 
  • Accountability. Being held accountable is key to many business owners success. Leon will help keep you on track by working with you to create clear goals, action plans, and commitments. Accountability is key in maximizing results in the shortest possible time, and for most business owners this can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Expanded network. A business is only as strong as its network. The truth is, a large percentage of success comes from who you know. From suppliers, distributors, partners, or the talent and advice you have access to, they all make a difference in your ability to succeed. Benefit from Leon’s years of industry contacts, and make his expanded network part of yours.
  • Support. Business is not always easy, and at times can be incredibly stressful. Having someone you can talk  to who understands the stresses and difficulties you face can really help take the load off, and help you to keep going when you least feel like it.  

Time to complete: 1 year 

Investment: $1,500 monthly, or $15,000 annually 

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EthicallyMAD also offers a partnership program in which we provides marketing consulting and services in exchange for equity. This saves you the headache of raising investment funding to spend on marketing. Instead get the investment direct, and reduce your risk at the same time. For more information, visit our partners page