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Double Your Investment Within 12 Months, Or You Won't Pay A Cent

Marketing is the life blood of a business. If you want to grow your business, you need more customers. Marketing is how you get those customers. 

Good marketing makes people want to buy from you. And, when done well, can even remove the need to ‘sell’. 

Unfortunately, many businesses look at marketing as an expense. This is a huge mistake, and is one of the most common reasons businesses fail to grow. 

However, if your marketing makes more than it costs you, then it becomes a very profitable investment. Put simply, if you want to make more sales, spend more on marketing that works.

Understanding and keeping up with every marketing strategy is a full time job. A challenge most small to medium businesses can’t afford.  And, even when they can, an outside perspective often proves invaluable. 

web design consultation
Too many business think they will invest into marketing once they can ‘afford it’. If you need more money, you need more marketing.

A Marketing Consultant Can Help You...

Identify which of your current marketing and advertising is making you money, and which is losing you money. This allows you to stop wasting money, and start investing it in ways that are guaranteed to grow your business.

Identify which advertising and marketing channels are ripe with fresh, targeted leads for you to significantly grow your customer base. (Many businesses have no idea the number of effective marketing avenues now open to them.)

Identify where in your marketing and sales flow you are losing customers, and how you can dramatically increase your conversions (giving you more paying customers for every dollar you spend).

Identify opportunities to add additional revenue to every transaction, and increase your average customer value. (Which not only makes you more money, but also gives you a larger budget to acquire a new customer.)

Identify ways of improving your messaging, helping prospects to better understand what you offer, what makes you different, and why they should buy from you rather than the competition.

A good accountant may not be cheap, but they should save you more than they cost you. Likewise, a good lawyer should offer far more in financial protection than they charge you. 

A good marketing consultant however should give you a much higher return on investment than either of these trusted advisers combined. (Low cost, bad advise on the other hand can cost you three times over… Once in fees, then in expensive advertising that fails to deliver, and then again in lost sales.)

Business is filled with enough risks already, which is why we offer a solid guarantee; if our advise does not make you at least double our fee, then you don’t pay anything. 

Business needs to be a win win for everyone.

Consulting rates start at a casual rate of NZ$450 for the first 30 minutes, then $450/hour thereafter. (The first 30 minutes includes an additional 30 minutes of research time in advance of the consultation so we can deliver better value.)

Consultations can be either in person, via Skype or over the phone

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For better results and better value we highly recommend taking a consulting package. See below for details:

Consulting Package: 6 Months MAD Growth

If you are serious about really growing, then consider having Leon Jay personally consult for you. Leon has:

Leon Jay
Now you can have Leon’s years of knowledge and experience benefiting your business.
  • Served as Director of Marketing for a multi-million dollar personal development company
  • Established an affiliate program for another similar business
  • Conducted multiple six and seven figure product launches
  • Founded an automated marketing platform (including designing the first ever drag and drop sales and email marketing funnel systems)
  • Been featured on the cover on Internet Marketing Magazine (a place reserved only for those who have generated over a million dollars online)
  • Spoken on business stages around the world, as well as running his own marketing seminars
  • Authored five books on business and marketing
  • Helped businesses of all sizes increase their profits

This Consulting Package Will Help You:

Identify and refine your core mission and marketing message. This is your why. With clear purpose you will not only become more motivated yourself, but you will also engage staff, inspire others to work with or for you, and enhance the desire of prospects to become your customers. 

With the right message, all your other marketing efforts become far more effective – paid ads, affiliate marketing, press releases, content marketing, social media, etc.

List building plan. It has often been said “the money is in the list”, and this is certainly true of a well built list. Yet many businesses fail to capture or nurture leads, and those that do rarely do it well.

With a clear plan you will know how to capture, segment, and make the most of your list. With a good list you can better release new products and services, create cash injections, get valuable feedback, make evergreen sales on autopilot, get more referrals, test ideas, and of course, spread your message.

Identify key marketing strategies. There are many ways to market your business, but you can’t (and shouldn’t) use them all. Depending on your budget, team size, business type, experience, competitors strategies, growth objectives etc, some marketing strategies will be better suited to you than others. 

Most marketing agencies have a “we have a hammer, so every problem is a nail” approach. We understand the pros and cons of each, but are unbiased, nor blinded by the latest fad. Many businesses should be using social media – many should not (at least, not yet). Facebook advertising may be right for you – but chances are it’s not. Get clear where to put your time and money to get the maximum results, (and avoid a lot of disappointment).

Identify growth constraints and opportunities. Every business has areas that are restricting the speed of growth., and all have areas that provide opportunities for optimal growth. 

We will identify the systems in your business (online or offline) that, if resolved, would allow you to grow your business faster (and usually at less cost).

Automate. As a business owner, if you want your business to last (even if something happens to you), for it to attain maximum value, or even for you to be able to take time out for holidays, then you will need to make your baby independent of yourself. 

We will identify key areas of weakness, strategies to free yourself, automate more of your business, and optimize to scale.

Profit plan. There are only 3 ways to increase profit in a business. Reduce costs, increase the number of sales, or increase the average value of each transaction. We will work with you to create a plan to improve each of these three ways. 

This includes identifying ways you may be able to reduce costs (without compromising quality), increasing conversions, improving your sales processes, and identifying other revenue opportunities.

Suggestions for social and environmental sustainability. We would not be EthicallyMAD if we did not share our observations for reducing your negative social and environmental impact, or identifying areas you could make a positive difference. Many of these ideas will actually reduce your costs too, or make your business more profitable in the long term. 

They can also help increase your ‘green credentials’, which can be used to enhance your marketing efforts (as well as making you, your team, and your customers, feel better about your business).

What Is Included:

2 Hours Consulting Per Month. With so many marketing options out there it can be difficult to know which to choose, and when operating a business it is easy to lose sight of the trees for the forest. 

Having someone that can help give you unbiased, experienced advice can prove invaluable. A single piece of good advice can easily pay for itself many times over (either in avoiding a costly mistake, or making a better decision that generates more revenue.)

Research Time. Prior to your first consultation we will spend a minimum of 4 hours researching your business, your competition, and opportunities for growth. This may include interviewing you or other team members, as well as online searches.

Then, before each session, we will spend another 2 hours doing additional research and brainstorming to ensure maximum value from our time working with you.

Email Support. You will have many decisions to make, and sometimes you may want a second opinion or some expert advise.  

As a client you can send up to 20 questions by email each month. This can prove invaluable to keeping things moving between sessions, and to help prevent expensive mistakes.

Accountability. Being held accountable is key to many business owners success. Leon will help keep you on track by working with you to create clear goals, action plans, and commitments. 

Accountability is key in maximizing results in the shortest possible time, and for many people this can be the difference between success and failure.

Expanded Network. A business is only as strong as its network. The truth is, a large percentage of success comes from who you know. Suppliers, distributors, partners, the talent and advice you have access to; they all make a difference in your ability to succeed. 

Benefit from Leon’s years of industry contacts, and make his expanded network part of yours.

Duration: 6 months 

Investment: $1,350 monthly, or $7,200 if paid in advance 

Please Note: Due to time limitations there are only 8 places available. Check for availability. 

Please note… EthicallyMAD does not work with anyone. Your business must be actively working to reduce its social and environmental footprint, (or at least intend to).

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