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Harness The Power Of The Internet, And Grow Your Business For A Fraction Of The Traditional Cost
NMIT | Thursday’s 5.30-7.30pm | Starting 7th June | 8 Weeks

Nickie McBride


It is not just enough to have a website, or even to get visitors to that site. All of this is a complete waste if you can't get those visitors to become customers.

Struggling to grow your business? Want to increase your profit margins by spending less on advertising, and still get the same (or better) results? Or perhaps you want to know how to make the most out of your marketing team, or learn what you should be expecting of your marketing agency?

Many businesses fall into one of two categories… Those who spend little to nothing on marketing because they are afraid of throwing away money, and those who have a decent marketing budget, but have no real idea what results their marketing is bringing to them.

Almost every business can be grown by improving its marketing. And now, thanks to the internet, it does not need to cost a fortune to enjoy significant improvements.

Sadly, many small and medium-sized businesses are unnecessarily struggling due to the competition now online. Regardless whether you are a business owner, responsible for a business’s marketing, or an entrepreneur just starting out, this course is guaranteed to offer you a fresh and up-to-date approach to digital marketing.

So, what will you learn?

Week 1: Your Purpose, Marketing Message & USP

marketing consultant nz

One way to describe marketing is ‘the communication of your message’. Effective marketing requires a strong message. To develop a strong message you need to be clear about your purpose, yet few businesses have the clarity needed.

By the end of this module, you will know how to craft a message that not only increases sales of your product or service, but also inspires your team to perform better, and will increase your own life satisfaction.

Cost: $65+GST

Week 2: Email Marketing & Sales Funnels

email marketing nelson nz

Despite the American Marketing Association consistently rating email marketing as by far the best return on investment for your marketing dollar, email remains underappreciated, and poorly implemented.

Although it is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, email is actually becoming more effective as time goes by. However, it is also increasingly important to get it right.

By the end of this module you will learn the many uses of email, and how you can use it to create an automated marketing machine that builds a list of prospects, establishes trust, and make you sales – 24/7.

Cost: $65+GST

Week 3: SEO For Local Businesses

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Globally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be very competitive. However, for local businesses getting found in Google is usually very doable.

Research shows, the percentage of customers who find a local business using search engines, is between 60 and 90%. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages! If you are not getting found in the search engines, you are losing out on a lot of business.

Local searches are some of the highest quality leads a business can hope for. These prospects live in your area, and are actively seeking your product or service, and are usually ready to buy.

In this module, you learn how to get found, and how to ensure your listing is clicked on ahead of the competition. You will also learn the many common mistakes many mistakes that businesses make, which can get them banned by Google.

Cost: $65+GST

Week 3: SEO For Local Businesses

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One famous businessman once commented, “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” The good news is that with the internet we can now know which half. The bad news is that most businesses still don’t take the trouble to check.

In this module, you will discover the pros and cons to each of the main online advertising channels, and how you can ensure you are not wasting money when you use them.

We will also take a look at retargeting, and how you can use this very powerful strategy to significantly increase your results for all your marketing efforts (and all for pennies on the dollar).

Cost: $65+GST

Week 5: Affiliate & Integration Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate and integration marketing are two strategies that have been used to grow some of the world’s largest companies, and have been used to generate huge cash flow during launches. (I personally used it to generate $1.4 million USD in revenue over just ten days – so I am a little biased towards this particular marketing strategy.)

The best part about both of these methods, is that you only pay for results (and often not until thirty days after a sale has been made). This makes it ideal for not only growing large companies, but also for small businesses on a tight budget.

At the end of this lesson, you will know what you need to do to setup and implement a successful affiliate or integration marketing campaign.

Cost: $65+GST

Week 6: Content Marketing & Social Media

content marketing

Unless you have studied online marketing techniques you would be forgiven for never having heard of content marketing, yet this strategy has been used to great effect in various forms for decades.

Content marketing can not only help generate leads, but also establishes a greater degree of trust and pre-educates your prospects.

You will learn a range of low to no cost techniques that will get people wanting to buy from you before they even meet you. A great way to reduce the need for sales!

Cost: $65+GST

Week 7: Copywriting


Copywriting has been called the highest paid skill on the planet. While this claim may well be an exaggeration, it is no exaggeration to say that copywriting has been fundamental to the success of a great many businesses.

‘Copy’ is the words you use on your sales pages, websites, business cards, brochures, and any other marketing material. Poor copy and you can spend a fortune on advertising, only to get dismal results. Good copy, on the other hand, can bring a flood of sales to your business.

To become a copywriting professional can take months of training and years of practice. However, in just ninety minutes you will learn the key skills that will allow you to get immediate results that will pay for this entire training many times over.

Cost: $65+GST

Week 8: Tracking, Split Testing & Conversions

analytics and marketing plan NZ

Chile this may sound a very dry topic, as a business owner you should be very excited. This is the key to maximizing results and scaling any business.

By tracking and testing you can increase conversions which increases profit, so you can increase your spend on advertising, allowing you to become more competitive.

You learn not only how to track and test, but also a variety of tips to improve the effectiveness of your website and sales materials.

Cost: $65+GST

PLUS: Hot Seat & Review Time (from 5.30-6pm)

case studies
Before each session, from 5.30-6pm, there will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the content from previous sessions.This will allow you to implement and test the strategies taught, then seek help should you have any problems. You will also have the chance to take the hot seat, where we will look at a business and review it on the spot.This provides great value to everyone in the room, but especially for the business who benefits from the free consultation, as well as from the group’s feedback.This session is optional, and provided as an opportunity for people to arrive ahead of the evening’s presentation.Cost: Free with every session

Each week you will also be given an optional assignment, with specific objectives to implement in your business. This will help you better understand the material, and more importantly, get results as you go.

Total cost if you attend all the modules on a casual basis is $520+GST. However, pay in advance and it is only $395+GST, saving you $125.

And, if you book for the full program, you will be covered by my personal guarantee… I am so confident that you will find this content of such exceptional value that, if by the end, you feel it was a waste of time and money, I will return you 100% of the cost, plus give you an additional $100 as a way of apology.

Last years course sold out weeks in advance, so click the button below, and book now to avoid disappointment (spaces are very limited)…

“Leon has opened my eyes to the possibilities surrounding digital marketing. His experience, knowledge and passion make him an incredible resource for our business, and he has given us so many avenues to pursue that will help us to market our business more efficiently. But most importantly, he has taught us how to measure the effectiveness of that marketing.

There is no question he cannot answer, and he delivers honest, real live advice that is instantly usable within our business. Most experts become boring to listen to after a while, but not Leon! To learn how effective digital marketing is when done well, is gold. To learn how to apply this to your own business with instant results, is priceless.”

Rachael Voyce - MiGym, Nelson

“This is the best money we have ever spent on marketing. The digital-marketing course is superb. It has more gems than the crown jewels!”

Nicky McBride - Cycle Tours, Mapua

“It’s not often that I get to write a positive review. That seems to be a sad fact of our world, can’t tell you how many very average people and well below average so called marketing consultants and digital agencies I’ve worked with. I’ve been doing Leon’s class which has proved to be really helpful in getting an overview of what’s needed to make it in our digitally connected world. The ideas he shares are all you need to stimulate the creative in us all…then armed with the knowledge, you can either do it yourself or know what sticky questions to ask agencies.

I also leave class with at least one nugget of info…and some nights my head is exploding in ideas and possibilities. Thanks Leon”

Judy Celmins - Founder,

“Marketing made relevant. Leon breaks it down, making it easy to understand and simple to implement. Thank you!”

Larisse Hall - Light Artist, Stoke

“As a business operating mainly in the B2B market, we found that traditional methods of paid advertising like TV, radio, newspapers, etc. just don’t make the cashbox ring. Our paid campaigns usually offered a very poor return on investment and we soon found it simply not worth the while.

A new perspective was necessary, and Leon Jay offered just that. The digital marketing campaigns Leon helped us devise skyrocketed our sales by 28% in just two weeks, adding several thousand dollars to our bottom line – with minimal effort (and paying for themselves many times over).

So, if you too need a new perspective on marketing and want to tap in to some of the most profitable channels around, I highly recommend working with this friendly and easy going ‘marketing mad man’.”

Helena Merschdorf - Founder,

“I’m really enjoying Leon’s flexible, no nonsense approach to digital marketing. He has an invaluable wealth of information that he shares in a way that all can understand and benefit from, no matter what their experience.”

Harry Pearson -

“The marketing world is getting ever more complex with strategies to target the customer. Leon has a very good hold on this world and is able to explain these techniques exceptionally well (also in novice terms) and arm you will the tools you need for your business to thrive in this environment.”

Andrew McGlashen - McGlashen's Pharmacy, Richmond

A few more comments from the anonymous feedback forms after the last course…

“Great job covering a huge topic.”

“The most valuable course I have ever done.”

“Amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Really worthwhile and valuable course.”

“Most enjoyable course.”

“Great job!! Under paid – up the course fees :-)”

“Thank you for a very well presented and informative course.”

“Thanks Leon. You’ve raised the profile of digital marketing to give us a much better understanding of a complicated topic.”

“Great course.”

“Thank you so much. This was incredibly useful!”