Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Please note… EthicallyMAD does not work with anyone. Your business must be actively working to reduce its social and environmental footprint, (or at least want to).

Below are two marketing packages, though usually we would suggest developing something custom to meet your specific needs. We can help with a range of different digital marketing services, including SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting and general website development.

If you cannot afford our services, but want to work together, then click here to see if you qualify to apply for our partnership program.  

Package 1: MAD Email Marketing

According to the American Marketing Association, email marketing is the marketing methods that gives the biggest return on investment by a long margin.(Approximately $40 for every $1 spent, compared to the next best, SEO, at $22 for every $1 spent). Yet despite this, the majority of business fail to scrape the surface of emails potential, and most marketing agencies fail to truly grasp email marketing.

We have had experience not only running many successful email campaigns for ourselves and for others, but also built email marketing platforms. This gives a unique understanding of emails possibilities, and how to get the most from it. 

Having solid email marketing in place will compound the results of everything else you do. Every piece of advertising, every bit of PR, every visitor to your site – the results from all your hard work are dramatically improved thanks to email. This should be one of the first things you do in your business, and it is worth reviewing and updating every few months, or as your business grows.

  • List building plan. It has often been said the money is in the list, and this is certainly true of a well built list. Yet many businesses fail to capture or nurture leads, and those that do rarely do it well. With a clear plan you will know how to capture, segment, and make the most of your list. (With a good list you can increase effectiveness of releasing new products and services, create cash injections, get valuable feedback, make evergreen sales on autopilot, get more referrals, test ideas, and of course, spread your message.)
  • Lead capture setup. We will not only design a variety of ways (tailored specifically to your business), but we will also do all of the design and technical setup for you, as well as configure and integrate your autoresponder.
  • Your automated ATM. An autoresponder (a sequence of automated emails) has the power to generate automated sales. To be effective however, it needs to be designed and written well. We will not only map out the strategy and the email sequence, but write it for you. Your sequences will establish trust, build relationships, and make sales, all while you sleep. One especially effective strategy we use gives a massive boost to conversions, and the best part – you don’t need to do anything other than fulfil the orders.
  • Trigger mail. Autoresponders are important, but equally (if not more) powerful are specific email, or short sequences of email, that are triggered by user actions (such as visiting a page on your site, adding a product to the shopping cart but then not buying, or using a certain function in your app). By targeting prospects at the precise time they demonstrate a particular interest, you can dramatically increase sales. Again, we will not only identify these key opportunities in your business, but write and set up your trigger email for you.
  • Get referrals. One of the most underutilised benefits of email marketing is its ability to generate referrals on autopilot. Referrals are widely regarded as one of the best types of lead in almost every business. They are targeted, come with an endorsement, and are usually free. Using the strategies we will integrate into your email marketing campaign, you will start growing your business for pennies on the dollar.
  • Email blast strategies. Many businesses send an e-newsletter, and occasional promotions. But actually these are rarely done well, and there is no ‘one solution fits all’ approach. This is why at EthicallyMAD we take the time to understand your business and your customers, to come up with a set of optimized strategies for you to get the absolute most from your list (and without harming it).
  • Increase deliverability. You can send email all day long, but if they end up in the spam folder you will just be wasting your time. The email platforms you choose to use, the email addresses you send from, the speed at which you send, the content of your emails, along with your open rates can all make a difference as to the percentage of email that makes it to your subscribers inbox (and therefore the amount of money you make). We will go through everything with a fine tooth comb and ensure your email marketing systems are optimized for maximum results.
  • Sustainably optimized. Email marketing is one of the most eco-friendly forms of marketing, but it still comes at a cost. Each email requires energy to send, and energy to read. Therefore campaigns should be optimized to reduce sending more emails than is needed. The good news, when done correctly, this actually increases results too. We will ensure you get the best results in your business, while minimizing its footprint.

Time to complete: 4 weeks 

Investment: $16,000

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Package 2: Total Web MADness

All too often, websites end up as little more than an online brochure, or at best, a basic store front. Yet if you are serious about maximizing the potential of the internet for you business, then you should ensure your web presence is properly optimized. That means using the correct platforms for your needs, having the key pieces of the puzzle in place, designing your site to match your marketing strategies, and optimizing everything for better conversions.

Simple changes can have profound effects. A single change to a button colour can increase sales by over 50%, a headline change can increase conversions by up to 1200%, a change in flow can increase your list building efforts by 5000%. Of course, every business is different, and despite what many experts will try to tell you, there is no one way that is best for every business. 

EthicallyMAD will create a full report of what needs to be done to maximize your online results. We will research your business model, your customers base, look at your present and future marketing plan, and design a truly clear and customized guide of exactly what to change, and why.

  • Technology audit. There are many blog, website, shopping cart, email, marketing automation, and analytics platforms out there, and they are not all created equally, nor is there a ‘best one’ for everyone. We will look at which technologies you are using, and which you are missing, to see how you can improve your online results.
  • Get in the flow. The user flow of your website can literally make or break sales. If something is not clear to a visitor they are more likely to leave than to try and figure it out. As a business owner we often think our sites flow is more obvious than others do. Guiding people through a clear process is essential in not only keeping people engaged, or making an initial sale, but it can also be used for adding additional revenue to your business. With a clear map you will avoid losing customers, and maximise sales.
  • The hidden stuff. There are many small details that are overlooked, but that are probably affecting your marketing efforts. SEO, Facebook advertising, Adwords, and other platforms will penalize (or worse, ban you) for the simplest of things (such as a missing phone number, privacy policy, or some way in which you have structured or coded your website. We will make sure you are not paying more than you should for advertising, or unnecessarily hurting your SEO results.
  • Conversions. From colours to fonts, from the layout to the words or images you use, everything can affect your conversion rates. The problem for most business owners is they rely on website designers and programmers to build their sites for them, yet rarely are these trained conversion experts. Good looking design does not always mean more sales (all too often it can have the opposite effect). You will be provided with a clear checklist of changes that should be made to increase your sites conversions. This will not only make you more money, but also allow you to spend more on advertising (and so become more competitive). 
  • Housekeeping. We will also make a range of recommendations that will be unique to each business. Suggestions around how you might better leverage social media (or stop wasting your time with it), or getting listed in Google Local Business search etc.. These ideas can help you really establish a solid web presence, and potentially provide you with sources of additional customers for minimal effort.

Time to complete: 10 days

Investment: $5,000

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EthicallyMAD also offers a partnership program in which we provide marketing services in exchange for equity. This saves you the headache of raising investment funding to spend on marketing. Instead get the investment direct, and reduce your risk at the same time. For more information, visit our partners page