Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been identified by the American Marketing Association as having the highest return on investment of any marketing strategy year after year. Yet few businesses harness a fraction of emails true potential.

As a marketing company, we take email marketing very seriously. Not surprising when you know that EthicallyMAD was founded by one of the world’s leading experts in email marketing.

Leon Jay has not only used email to help various businesses and projects generate millions of dollars. He was also the first person to design a drag and drop email management system, invented unique email tools and marketing strategies, wrote a 28 day email marketing course and has taught email marketing on stages around the world.

Email marketing provides leverage to everything else you do. It is the most effective way to follow up with leads and can be used to develop rapport, built trust, educate prospects, deliver offers, conduct research, launch products, generate revenue from affiliate products and keep customers updated.

There are five different types of email and each can be utilised to increase your marketing results. Together they form the email beast:

Event based

Broadcast Email

These are those one off emails that you send to a list of people. They include occasional promotions, newsletters, and product or company updates. They can also be used for conducting market research or launch a new product or service.

Event Based Email

These are the most recent form of email but perhaps one of the most powerful. These messages are sent when triggered by a specific event. The most well known form of event based email is the ‘abandoned cart’ message, which is sent when someone adds something to an online shopping cart but then fails to complete the order. (There are many more event types than this though.)

Autoresponder Email

Autoresponders provide automated email followup. Messages are triggered in a specific time based sequence, starting from the day that someone is added to a list. They can be used for many different purposes and have provided the foundation to automated digital marketing for years.

Support Email

Regardless if a sales enquiry or a product support request, each reply you send is an opportunity to generate more sales, enhance your brand image or generate new leads. Most businesses overlook the potential of their support email, despite the fact that they have about the highest open and read rates of any email type.

Transactional Email

These are typically online receipts but also include password reminders etc. Transactional email also have very high open rates and are a missed opportunity for most businesses. Supermarkets figured out the benefit of including a coupon or offer on their receipts long ago. It’s time the online world caught up!

If you are looking to implement, upgrade or overhaul your email marketing then you should look at all of the above. If you need someone to help, then contact us for a quote. You will not find a more complete (or effective) email marketing service.