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By signing up to this course, I promise to use these business and marketing growth hacks only for developing a business that aims to make a social and environmental difference.

EthicallyMAD’s 21 Day Growth Hacking And Marketing Blueprint will help you transform your business in just 3 weeks. It covers everything you need to transform your marketing, including understanding ROI, capturing leads, local SEO, split testing, email marketing, creating better offers, and so much more.

A taste of what you can expect…

Defining Your Mission and Your Message. Chances are you may know why you are building your business. But chances are you are not as clear as you could be, and your intent is unlikely to be anywhere near as clear as it should be to others.

In this first part of the blueprint you will make sure that your mission and message are clear to all. This is the very foundation to everything that follows. It will influence who you work with, the quality of your team, the success of your marketing, and the degree of people’s desire to become your customer.

Social media in particular is driven by this very foundation. Social media is a network of people communicating together, so why should they care about you? Why would they engage with you? Why would they want to share your posts? The short answer is that, without a clear message, they won’t.

This step is essential if you want to maximize your success. By the end of the first module you will have a much clearer idea of why you are doing business, find more purpose and meaning in your life, help team members to get more satisfaction from the work they do, make customers happier to engage with your business, and get far better results from all your marketing efforts.

Day 3
Creating Flow. In this lesson you will learn to map out how your business looks now, and how it should look. This will do three things…Firstly, it will help you create create clarity for yourself and your team. This will speed up any changes or improvements you make, as well identify any areas of your business that may have been overlooked.Secondly, it identifies the 80/20 areas of your business that will produce the highest return for the least effort. Once you go through the process in this module, where you are best putting your time and money will become obvious. This can prevent you from spinning your wheels, and lead to rapid growth.Finally, it will help you design marketing flows that can increase conversions, or add additional revenue to your business. With your business mapped out, this can be much easier than you think.
Day 5

Analytics & Conversions. After all the hard work you have done so far, you will want to make sure you are missing as few sales as possible, and want to know where to leverage your efforts next. That’s where tracking and conversions come in…

In this final part of the program you will learn how to track everything so that you know exactly where sales are coming from, how much money your marketing is making (or losing), and where there are weaknesses in your sales flow.

You will also learn how to split test, and which areas of your site to test first, to get significantly increased conversions.

Day 9

Email Marketing. Hopefully by now you at least have some type of email list, and possibly send the occasional email (if not you really do need to take this course asap). You may also have an autoresponder sequence in place. But either way, I can almost guarantee you that you are only just scraping the power of email marketing.

If you want to grow your business, do not overlook, or underestimate the potential of email. According to the American Marketing Association, email gives the highest return on investment out of any marketing strategy – by a long margin.

What’s really exciting, is that it is also one of the lowest cost marketing strategies, and is virtually set and forget. Thanks to new technologies, the power of email is just growing all the time. Get this right, and you will multiply your results on everything else that follows.

By the end of the third day you will know five ways to capture leads and build your list, how to design email marketing campaigns that build trust and rapport with prospects, how to dramatically increase sales using a little taught technique, get free referrals, and know how to increase your deliverability and open rates. (You will also learn the common mailing mistakes that cost business owners big time.)

Day 13

Retargeting. Ever visited a site only to have its ads follow you around the web? That’s retargeting, and it is perhaps one of the biggest things to happen in the world of advertising in along time. Yet most business are still not using it, and those that do are not even scratching the surface of its potential.

In this module you will learn why retargeting is a must, why you should set it up asap, which platforms to use, and how to use it to enhance all your marketing efforts.

You will also learn a strategy that I have yet to see anyone using or teaching. Once you do this you will give yourself a huge competitive advantage.

Day 14

Affiliate & Integration Marketing. Imagine getting highly qualified leads being sent to you, often pre-sold (or at least with a recommendation), and only needing to pay for the ones that actually convert – and not until at least thirty days after. Welcome to affiliate marketing.

This strategy has been used by some of the world’s largest online business (including Amazon and eBay), and it has been used by many other smaller business to generate millions in sales. (I have personally used affiliate traffic to generate US$1.4 million in sales in just ten days.)

By the end of day 6 you will know if this strategy is right for your business, what you need to do to start enjoying these types of leads, and how to get the most out of running an affiliate program.

You will also learn one advanced strategy that one of my personal mentors (Mark Joyner) coined as ‘Integration Marketing’. This is perhaps one of the most simple, yet powerful marketing strategies of all. In short, you should probably be using this technique!