Get Found & Get Customers From the Internet's Best (And Perhaps Cheapest) Source of Leads - Google My Business

Getting found in Google’s natural search results is great – but there is now one place that beats even that – the Google My Business listings.

These still show on the same page, but are in their own dedicated section, and getting in the top three is gold for many local businesses. 

Indeed, one business we worked with secured $15,400 of additional work within less than a week of getting ranked there.

Bottom line is, if you sell services locally, there is no better place to be than Google My Business. It is now the number one place people find a supplier. 

Google My Business Ranking

The good news is, creating a Google My Business listing is free and easy. It takes just a few minutes and you will be up and running. 

The bad news is, this is unlikely to get you found, or get you anywhere near as much business as the best listings.

There are a wide range of variables that go into getting a listing to work well. These include the way it is configured, how it is written, what images are used, how many reviews you have, the amount of activity in your listing, along with a host of other factors.

That is where we can help you.

One Of The Best Investments You Can Make

Being listed in Google My Business in any position may help your business – but nothing will be being in one of the top three positions. That means only three businesses will get to really experience the true potential of this marketing strategy. 

Most business owners think they can do it themself. As I mentioned, the basics are easy. However, if you are up against a professional, your chances of doing well are slim to none. Your only hope is that your competition try to do it themselves too.

Unlike most marketing strategies, not only does Google My Business offer some of the best potential in generating qualified leads, it is also one of the cheapest to do. 

It does not take weeks of work, require expensive coders, or incur any cost for each time your listing is shown or clicked on. Indeed, it is one of the lowest cost strategies to implement, and that can bring some of the best returns. (And by a long way when compared to newspaper or radio advertising!)

Webdesign Nelson

Of course, getting ranked in the top three is one thing, staying there is another. Google are constantly adjusting the top positions, and use a complex set of algorithms to decide who should be in which position.

Two of those factors are regular updates to your profile, and how much you engage with people leaving feedback. Unfortunately, most business owners are simply to busy to put in the time required (or just don’t understand what needs doing).

Which is why we offer both setup, and ongoing maintenance of your profile. This allows you to focus on what you do best – taking care of your customers.

Any marketing service needs to be an investment, not a cost. Which is why we love Google My Business so much … it is perhaps the easiest way we can get you a return on your marketing dollar. If you only do one thing (apart from invest in a high converting website of course), it is Google My Business.

Simply choose from one of our plans belows, and let us get you more business as quickly as possible.

Improving Your Business, And The World ...

We make an effort to live up to our name, and Ethically Make A Difference. That is why, for every customer, each month of our monthly and yearly plans, we do the following:

Offset 360% CO² In New Zealand

Measuring carbon emissions for data transfer is not an exact science, there are just too many variables. However, there are some accepted base lines, so we want to be extra sure and do more than just be neutral.

That is why we partnered with to offset 360% of our estimated carbon footprint (for the office, servers, energy used for data-transfer, and for the energy used by the end users device). Offsets are created through NZ based tree planting programs.

Plant A Tree In Africa

Each month someone is a client of one of our monthly services, we have a fruit tree planted in Africa on their behalf. This tree helps offset an additional 320kg of CO² over its life, as well as providing food and income for rural farmers.

We do this, in addition to the certified carbon offsets, simply because it gives an extremely high social return relative to its low cost (thanks to 

Protect 1000m² Of Rainforest

With greedy corporations cutting down approximately 150 acres of rainforest every minute of every day, threatening thousands of species, we wanted to help.

That is why we also support in protecting 1000m² every month for each client. This way, when you use our services, you can feel good knowing you are not just increasing your business, but you are also helping take care of our planet.

And don’t worry, none of this costs you anything. The raw cost of doing the right thing is surprising low, so when we introduced this 3x conservation program, we never increased our pricing. 

GMB Setup Or Overhaul

Kick start your position

$ 295
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Create or update your listing
  • Write your listing to grab attention
  • Ensure you are in the best category
  • Update or add images
  • List your services
  • Respond to existing feedback*

GMB Management

Maintain your position

$ 99 /month
  • Reply to new feedback*
  • Monitor messages*
  • Add new images
  • Add your blog posts or events
  • Monthly uploads
  • Online business directory submissions
  • Update profile as needed

GMB Management

Maintain your position

$ 180 /month
  • Reply to new feedback*
  • Monitor messages*
  • Add new images
  • Add your blog posts or events
  • Weekly or fortnightly uploads
  • Online business directory submissions
  • Update profile as needed

Positive Return On Investment Guaranteed*

We have seen the results, and are so certain that you will make more than you spend within 120 days, we will give you are money back if you don’t.

*To qualify for this guarantee you must make a profit of more than $50/transaction, and be tracking your results.

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