How To Become A Superhero

How To Become A Superhero, Build A Better Business And Help Save The World

How To Become A Superhero

Build A Better Business
And Help Save The World

"An incredible book that provides the path to a sustainable future without compromise"

We are in the midst of a brutal planetary civil war that threatens our very existence. The world needs superheroes. The world needs you…

There is an ugly truth we are all trying to hide from. The truth that with the creation or consumption of just about every product or service, we are slowly killing ourselves, our fellow human beings, and many of the other species that share this planet with us. 

But there is hope. A growing wave of entrepreneurs and business owners are taking responsibility, and working to build better businesses that help address the many challenges we face. These individuals are helping save the world. They are today’s Real-Life Superheros.

This book is an invitation to join them, and a guide to show you how.

In it you will discover…

  • The real cost of doing business, and the enormity of the largely unspoken environmental debt we have collectively accumulated
  • The hero's journey, and how to understand it in a way that supports your change from an ordinary business owner, to a Real-Life Superhero
  • The various demons you must overcome in order to succeed, (and how they are holding you back, even when you don't realize they are there)
  • How to discover and define your life's purpose, give meaning to what you do, and develop superpowers that give you strength in the face of adversity
  • How to build a business that you care about, that others care about, and that makes a difference, no matter what industry you are in
  • How to build a business that you care about, that others care about, and that makes a difference, no matter what industry you are in
  • The battlegrounds that must be conquered by businesses in order to avert planetary destruction (and which are often neglected by most business owners)
  • Simple solutions to reducing costs in your business, while also reducing your negative environmental and social footprints
  • How to use the changes suggested to increase sales and make your business not only environmentally and socially sustainable, but financially sustainable too
  • The Real-Life Superheroes that are out there already proving that these ideas work, and demonstrating how positive social change can lead to increased profits
  • How to experience greater happiness in yourself, your work, and your community, along with so much more...

Plus, when you purchase your copy of ‘How To Become A Superhero’, we will arrange for one tree to be planted on your behalf (thanks to our friends at Trees For The Future). This will offset the carbon emissions produced in the creation of the book many times over, and help provide poor African farmers with food and income.

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A rare and welcome book that looks holistically and specifically — and with humor, grace, and clarity — at how business can profitably help heal a weary planet.

Shel Horowitz

Co-Author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World

I love the clear and actionable items. Business leaders don’t have time to waste. No fluff here. An inspiring and practical road map to the future.

Kyle Barraclough

Founder of Libertad Apparel

This is the stuff they should be teaching in business schools. If every business followed these guidelines, we would be living in a much better world for sure.

Oliver Milliner

Kathmandu Sustainability Coordinator

In a crazy and unstable world Leon offers a ray of clarity. This is not about left or right wing thinking, not about one religion or another, nor scientific bickering. It goes beyond all this to provide a simple message that anyone can understand.


Author of Conscious Millionaire

Unapologetically sobering from the start. This provides the slap in the face we need to wake us from our desensitised state of apathy.

Marc Angelo Coppola

Co-Founder of the Valhalla Movement Foundation

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to run a business that puts people and positive impact on the world before the bottom line – you’re in luck: Leon Jay outlines a better way to do business in his new book “How to Become a Superhero.” Pick it up, read it, and implement it – you won’t be sorry.

Tom Morkes

CEO, Insurgent Publishing

digital marketing consultant
Leon Jay

About The Author

Leon Jay is author of four other books on the topics of business and marketing, all of which consistently receive 4 and 5 star reviews. He has spoken on stages around the world, and helped many people grow their businesses, as well as starting many of his own. 

After years of teaching business, he realized that too many business owners put an emphasis on making money as their primary purpose for doing business. While money is important, he saw the unintended consequences that this approach was having, and so turned his attention to helping business owners make their businesses become a positive force in society, while still generating the money they needed.

He is now a featured speaker on various stages and podcasts, sharing his passion and insights that have helped business owners see their business in new ways, and find they can get more out of life by focusing on the right priorities in the right order.

Leon is also Chairman for CKM, a climate change group based in New Zealand, which focuses on helping the community become carbon neutral, and preserve its environment for future generations to come.

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