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Free Guide Reveals 11 Simple Ways To Double Your Sales From Google Ads In Under 30 Days

If you are looking for get rich quick schemes I suggest you go elsewhere. This report will not help you. However, if you are an ethically minded businesses looking to boost sales while increasing your social impact, this report is exactly what you need… 

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Do you want to supercharge your sales through Google Ads?

Your certainly should. After all, Google Ads is considered one of the fastest ways to increase leads and overall sales!

However, chances are (like many businesses) you’ve had a bad experience with Google Ads. Either you’ve attempted to run the ads yourself and lost money, or you’ve thrown money away on an agency that failed to deliver. 

Either way, it is no fun, and leaves most business owners ready to give up. (If you are just starting out, hopefully we can save you from either of these experiences.)

This would be a mistake. There is very good reason why companies are spending billions of dollars on Google Ads. (Yes, billions each year, not millions.) And when you are spending this kind of money, you better be sure it makes more than it costs.

This report details how you can take the strategies used by the big guys, and apply them to your own business.

The 11 MAD Strategies are what we use on a daily basis to help grow our clients sales through Google Ads.

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Many business owners are shocked to find how much Google Ads cost them. But when done correctly, they are even more shocked to learn how much Google Ads can make them.

What Will you learn from the free Guide...

One of the most common mistakes made by lazy agencies (and business owners who don’t know better) that increases the cost of your ad clicks.

Which is the most important metric to measure, why, and how. (This is something that 90% of agencies and business owners we come across don’t do – but is an absolute MUST.).

How to get prospects to click on your ad rather than your competitions (this not only get’s you more leads, but reduces the cost per click too).

How filter out the time wasters and save your money for the real customers (this can really help reduce the cost of your ad spend, and increase the conversion rate of your Google Ad leads).

3 Ways to turn more of your leads into buyers (critical if you don’t want your ads losing you money).

Pay especially close attention to Tip number 11. (Less than 5% of marketing agencies are doing this worldwide.)

Free Bonus – 7 Questions you must ask before hiring a Google Ads Agency.

To get results in a competitive world, you need to think a little differently from the rest. Some may even call you MAD!

What Makes Us MAD?

Great question! It’s quite simple really…

“If we can’t Make A Difference, and don’t make or save more than we cost, our clients don’t pay.” (I’d like to see another agency make that offer.) We are genuinely interested in our clients businesses, and get a kick out of seeing ethically minded businesses grow.

Let me tell you a little story about one of our clients.

Picture David vs Goliath. David is the independent car rental company, while the multitude of large scale car rental companies (think Thrifty and Hertz) represents Goliath.

How does a small car rental company compete with the big guns of the industry?

We started off by optimising the clients landing page for conversions. We then proceeded to build a killer Google Ads campaign.

We recently got a phone call from ‘David’ telling us they had a problem… they were overwhelmed with cars flying out the door and weren’t too happy about having to clean them all!

They were excited to tell us that the business is now thriving and they are having to expand. (They had previously been managing their own Google Ads, and had thought they were doing okay with it.)

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Feedback from one of our clients

“We were reasonably inexperienced when it came to marketing and had been intimidated and overwhelmed with knowing the right path to take and where to spend money to get the best return of our investment.

By outsourcing our marketing to EthicallyMAD, we are able to focus on where our personal skills are best utilised and leave the marketing to the real experts – and they are experts!”

James & Grace – The Natural Paint Company

Google Ads Report

11 Simple Ways To double your sales From google ads in Under 30 Days

In this free guide we give away some of the secret weapons we use to get our clients more sales for their advertising dollar. Get in quick before we see sense and remove it… 

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Free Report Reveals 1o Ways To Make More Sales!!