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Originally from the UK he Leon emigrated to, and is currently living in New Zealand. He is an international author and seminar speaker on the topic of online business. He has spoken in the UK, NZ, Australia, America, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Israel. He started out as a natural therapist and built his first websites on various related topics. Here he started making money, almost by accident, as an affiliate for other peoples products. He then started selling his own ebooks before building a web development business.

Since then he has served as an affiliate manager for a 7 figure a year personal development company in Australia, and as Director of Marketing for Mark Joyner Inc (Mark is known as the God Father of internet marketing, and credited as being the first person to have sold an ebook).

Following that Leon became the marketing mind and 50% partner in a software and training program launch that generated $1.4 million in 10 days. He has consulted and partnered on various other 6 and 7 figure launches, is founder of www.FusionHQ.com (a platform for digital and information markers) and www.send.fish (an autoresponder service), co-founded www.CopySniper.com (an online copywriting software and sales page builder) and is co-founder of Coffee Monster (a cafe and co-working space for digital nomads in Chiang Mai Thailand).

In 2012 he was featured on the cover of the Internet Marketing Magazine, a space reserved only for those who have generated more than 7 figures online. He has also been featured in several books as well as having been invited as a guest speaker at many events and on many podcast shows and webinars.

In addition to all this he has hosted multiple live events and webinars of his own to help share his knowledge and enthusiasm for building purposeful businesses online. His industry expertise is highly valued. Clients have paid as much as $10,000 a day for private coaching with Leon.

His books, presentations and interviews are no fluff and contain a fresh, direct and often controversial take on their subject matter. He has little patience for nonsense, fads or mindlessly parroting other people’s content. ​Leon tells you in no uncertainty what works and what does not. He explains why, and then gives you clear instructions how you can do the same.


​’To assist entrepreneurs in finding purpose, passion and profit through creating businesses that contribute environmentally, socially and financially to their local and/or global communities’.

​After over a decade of doing business online Leon is frustrated with the scams, lies, myths and misinformation. In a world where time is running out for humanity it is time entrepreneurs started to focus on working to find solutions to the global environmental, social and economic issues that face us.

​Leon’s mission is to encourage entrepreneurs to stop thinking about short term financial gain (as in unfortunately all too common), and instead think how they can contribute in a proactive way, live a life that has meaning and meets their financial objectives at the same time.

​Leon believes that it is only through fear, false logic and failing to ask the right questions that people do not succeed in building more socially valuable businesses. Voltaire once said ‘no snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible’. Every business in its own way is a snowflake that will either move us towards or away from sustainable future.

​Through his books, seminars and mentoring Leon will show you how to become part of the essential solution, rather than part of the devastating problem.

​Create more meaning in your life through creating greater purpose in your business.


“Leon has created an unusually high quality information source for online marketing.”

– James Schramko, One of Australia’s leading marketers

“Complete yet simple. A must read for anyone wanting to make their mark with online business.”

– Gideon Shalwick , www.veeroll.com

​”Never have I found such a comprehensive document that literally takes you by the hand, step by step and trains you how to finally make money…”

– Simon Prentice , Founder of www.RichGrads.com

“You will know you are on the right path when you can throw your alarm clock away. Not because you no longer need to get up, but because you will be so excited about the day you will automatically wake up like a child at Christmas.”

– Leon Jay

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