Partnering With EthicallyMAD

Partner with us

Do you have a socially or environmentally orientated business that needs some investment for marketing? If so, maybe we can help…

Many businesses spend a lot of time trying to get investment to pay for marketing. An alternative could be to simply partner with us. In exchange for equity, we will work with you, provide marketing services, and help build your business.

Partnering has several advantages. Firstly we can approve a partnership arrangement with a lot less information, paperwork, and time than any bank, venture capital firm, or angel investor. Secondly we can reduce the risk by working towards specific targets (guaranteeing results). And finally, we are motivated to work harder, because the more you succeed, the more we succeed.

As part of a partnership, we not only deliver our core packages, but we can implement the marketing (and often much of the web technology) too.  Obviously there are many variables involved, such as the age of your business, amount of existing investment, current revenue, what marketing you already have in place, and exactly what you need us to deliver. These (and several other factors) will all affect any final agreement.

If you are interested to see if we can work together, please click here to apply. Applications are zero obligation, however, if you have any general questions related to this, please feel free to ask via the contact us page.

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