Social Media Services

Social Media Services

A lot of people mistakenly think social media IS digital marketing, when in fact it is just one very small aspect to an online marketing plan. This may be a little controversial, but, even though we offer social media services, for many businesses we do not recommend investing much into social media. (At least not to start).

Let me explain…

While it does hold plenty of potential for a lot of businesses, social media has become over-hyped and will give a much poorer return than many of the other digital marketing strategies. And, often, for a social media campaign to be effective, other marketing needs to be implemented first (such as a solid website, email marketing and retargeting).

Of course, it does depend on which industry you are in and what other pieces to your marketing strategy are already in place, but for many businesses social media will simply not deliver the results they are hoping for.

Before starting a social media campaign, consider…

1) Are you getting good conversions on your website? If not, then you can spend a lot of wasted time and effort driving visitors from social media to your website, only for them to leave without becoming a customer. 

Social media is not a quick fix or a substitute to good digital marketing. It is part of a larger marketing plan that needs to work as a singular cohesive strategy. (If you are in doubt about the effectiveness of your current site, I highly recommend a web audit to discover where you may be leaking sales).

2) Is the social media advice coming from a social media specialist? This may seem like a good thing and it does have its advantages. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, when you only have a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

The problem is that for someone who offers only social media, they have to sell you on social media to get any business. Plus, they are not designing that campaign as part of a larger overall marketing strategy, so they distort its importance.

Try to seek the opinion of a professional that has no vested interest in one particular strategy, but instead can design your digital marketing plan to best suit your business’s needs and budget for an optimal return.

3) Are you creating negative social proof? While many businesses simply waste time and money on their social media, others are unintentionally making things worse.

Think about it… If you visit someone’s Facebook page and they have only a handful of followers, almost no interaction and the last post was made months ago, what is your impression? Not good, right? 

Yet this is exactly what happens to most business profiles if not managed properly. The reality is, building and managing a social media presence that does not end up creating negative social proof takes time and is an ongoing job. Do you have the time, a team, or a budget for that?

No social media presence can actually be better than a bad social media presence. 

Now, with those warnings out of the way, we can help if you are still keen…

We can help determine which social media platform (or platforms) you should be on and which you should forget. We can help set you up and make your profile look professional. And we can help you manage those profiles to ensure they work for you (not against you).

Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TripAdvisor, or one of the many other social media networks, contact us to see if social media is a suitable strategy for your business.